Providing Necessary & Appropriate Staff Training

Advanced Aggression Cover

Why provide staff with necessary and appropriate training?


Apart from providing personal safety for staff members, improving the likes of morale and customer service in the general work place, companies have a legal Duty of Care. Re Occupational Health and Safety legislation, angry and aggressive customers fall into the bracket of being a “known hazard” by the possibility of induced stress and violence.  Failure to provide training for staff to assist with the possibility of dealing with  a “known hazard” under these circumstances, could leave your company open to potential Work Cover issues, civil litigation and/or bad publicity.

For experienced staff, it is an opportunity to review their prior learning and experience and re-enforce in their mind the skills they already have are continually operated correctly and very importantly, also a great chance to revise/ learn skills to assist in training junior staff, “Train the trainer” system.


Again all Companies and Management having a Duty of Care to provide staff with the safest possible work place.  Training in prevention of being confronted with an Armed Robbery situation and providing staff with information and procedures to put into place should this be the situation is imperative.  Occupational Health and Safety issues to assist in minimizing Work Cover issues including sick leave and post traumatic stress disorder which can result in disastrous, ongoing and long term effects.

Although discussing extremely confronting possibilities training provided is designed to be highly engaging, energetic, interactive,  enjoyable, confidence and team building!!